Aloha from Oahu. Let us travel with you to explore the most beautiful island in US.

Welcome to the most beautiful island in the world, Oahu is known for amazing scenery, beaches and a wonderful climate all seasons. NT Transportations provides island tours and taxi transportation for all areas in Waikiki, Ko Olina, Four Seasons Resort, Kahala, and Aulani… we are here to help you experience a unique Oahu vacation. Private tour and tour packages are also available.

NT Transportations experienced drivers.

We believe that our guests' experience is always important. So, we make sure that you have nothing to worry about.To make things even more comfortable, we’ll help you load and unload your luggage because we know that you have a long flight to get here.

Why you should choose Private Tours rather than Group Tours

Private tours are great for people who is looking to make their own itinerary. You can decide when you want to go, and what kind of sites or activities that you’d like on your tour!

Spend More Time With Family and Friends

When you go on a private tour, there will be no surprises. You can bring your closest friends and family along without having to worry about their crazy antics or unexpected behaviors because everyone knows each other. Traveling with people who know all of the secrets inside-out is stress free as well an experience that's sure to be unforgettable!

Private Transportation

A private tour will give you the opportunity to visit sites that cannot be accessed by large vehicles. The small size of a minibus or private car means it is easier for these smaller groups to get close up looks at things such as temples, mountain and beaches; which they would otherwise not have access too on traditional bus tours. This way everyone has an individual experience with their own unique point-of-view!
NT Transportations offers more than just transportation in its cars or buses--it gives passengers exposure into some hard to reach destinations like ancient ruins and can provide them with your very own personal story about different perspectives from locals who know what's best around town.

We Will Give You Special Assistance

Private tours are the perfect way to see a city, as they allow you to customize your experience. You can choose what type of tour best suits your needs and preferences - whether it's be with small groups or by yourself on request only.
Many companies that cater specifically for private groups have years of experience dealing with clients who may differ from one another in their interests and demands; these providers will undoubtedly find ways to meet all your requirements too! Private group tours offer an individualized service tailored-fit just for you: there is no need worry about other people getting in the way when you go sightseeing alone without them knowing about it first.