Waikiki, the "Spounting Waters".

From Hilton Hawaiian Village on the west side to Kapi’olani Park in the east, Waikiki is definitely among the most popular travel destinations on the globe. Waikiki means spouting waters in Hawaiian, acknowledging the rivers and springs that once flowed into the area.

Waikiki - Honolulu, Oahu HI.

History of Waikiki

The Waikiki area was once a playground for Hawaiian royalty, who enjoyed surfing on longboards in the 1800s. The area was mostly swampland and was larger than it is today, encompassing the neighboring valleys of Manoa and Palolo. The longboard tradition continues today, as the conditions are perfect for the sport. A few small hotels opened in the 1800’s and the first large hotel, the Moana Surfrider, was built in 1901. Other historic hotels dating back to early 20th century include the beautiful Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Today, the area is packed with every kind of hotel and accommodation to cater the crowds of tourists that flock to the famous beach every year.


Enjoy "Aloha Vibes"

Oahu is known as "The Gathering Place," and Waikiki Beach most certainly does this moniker justice. Visitors from all over the world enjoy world-class dining, shopping, activities, and resorts, particularly along the main strip of Kalakaua Avenue. There are so many things to do in Waikiki that there's something for everyone.
Many resorts are just a few steps away from the shore, and every year there are myriad events such as surf competitions, outdoor music events, hula dancing, and outrigger canoe races.
The Waikiki neighborhood extends from Ala Wai Canal in the north-west to Diamond Head in the east, but the actual beach is fairly short, and half of it is marked off for surfers. The surf here is known for a long, rolling break which makes it the ideal place to take a surf or paddleboard lesson. The ocean is relatively calm year-round, but it's quite shallow with numerous rocks.