Kahala, “an icon for wealth and the rich”.

Kahala is a tranquil neighborhood just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki. Featuring luxurious houses with sprawling grounds, this upscale residential area boasts some of the most expensive beachfront real estate in all of America. Kahala offers close public access to quiet beaches along its coast while also featuring lush gardens for residents to enjoy nature up-close.

Kahala - Honolulu, Oahu HI.

History of Kahala

Kāhala, is a neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. Kahala is famous as an icon for wealth and the rich. It is famous in Hawai'i for its large concentration of expensive real estate and beachfront properties, which include some of the most expensive in the entire state. Kahala is also home to the Kahala Hotel & Resort, formerly known as the Kahala Mandarin Oriental, and prior the Kahala Hilton. Also located along the borders are Kahala Mall, and Diamond Head crater.


Enjoy "Luxury Vibes"

People from all walks of life call the area home, with a mix of older residents and newer arrivals living in both old-fashioned residences as well as more modern homes. It is not uncommon to see celebrities or industry moguls who have chosen this location for their vacation spot (or even permanent residence).
People looking for an affordable place to live should consider moving into one of the many low income apartments available here - they're surprisingly spacious!
In 2006, typical prices for a tear-down house in Kahala was $1.4 million to $1.7 million, with beachfront land going for substantially more. Kahala is one of the few areas of Honolulu to be fairly flat, and yet also be within 5 – 15 minutes' drive of Waikiki or downtown.